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Active Release Technique (ART) focuses on breaking up scar tissue as well as increasing muscle movement and range of motion.

Often referred to as the Gold Standard of soft tissue treatment,  Active Release Technique (ART) is widely used by elite teams/athletes including our very own Seattle Seahawks! (Go Hawks!)

Active Release Technique releases nerve and blood vessels trapped beneath adhesions through movement of the tissues. Because scar tissue and other adhesions build up around overused or injured muscles, the muscles eventually become weaker which changes the function and movement of the joints. Eventually, the nerves become compressed and the blood supply decreases, which is when you begin to experience limited movement and pain. This is where Active Release Technique comes in!

Kinetic Sports Rehab is THE clinic for athletes and injury patients seeking Active Release Technique in Seattle. An estimated 90% of users are able to experience a pain free and active lifestyle thanks to the ART process and regular treatment appointments. Whether it is used to help treat stiff muscles, slow down the body’s aging process, treat a sports injury, recovery from a car accident, or even a workplace related injury, Active Release Technique is an effective method of treating many muscle and motion-related issues.

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Active Release Technique Can Be Used In:

Kinetic Sports Rehab is one of THE best providers of Active Release Technique in the Seattle area. For more information on Active Release Technique click on a link below.

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