5 Exercises To Enhance Your Tennis Game

Serve Up Some Awesomeness On The Court This Summer

by Sean Masters


Summer is in full swing here in the B.E.A-UTIFUL Pacific Northwest and I hope everyone is taking advantage and getting their fitness-on every chance they get. While I like a good lifting session in the morning, I have really been enjoying going for a long walk after dinner before settling down for the evening.

It might be close to 9 pm, but because of the long, gorgeous days, the park next to my house is bustling with athletes, both young and young at heart, being Kinetic. I see everyone from runners to football players, to baseball, basketball, and even tennis junkies. What an awesome sight to see! The tennis courts are always lively and full of enthusiasts refining their forehand and backhand, and trying to break the sound barrier with their serve. It's inspiring for sure and the reason for this week's blog topic.

Tennis, a sport fit for the royal family, really showcases all of the elements of fitness. From cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility and strength, all of these crucial components need to be fine-tuned in you want to dominate on the court. Not to mention the thousands of hours it takes to master the skill of actually hitting the ball with precision. And while I'm not an expert on how to move the ball with different spins, angles and speeds, I am known for my ability to help athletes move their best on the court.

I have come up with five exercises I believe will help you build core and hip strength, stability, balance and of course, flexibility, to help give you the edge you may need to shut down your competition and lift up your confidence on the court.

Have fun and #bekinetic!

5 Exercises To Enhance Your Tennis Game

Half Kneeling Chops & Lift


Eccentric Wrist Extensions


Stability Ball Roll Outs


Clock Lunges


Downward Dog