5 Primers For Baseball Season

by: Sean Masters CPT, CES, PES; Director of Rehab and Co-Founder

hamilton ham porter - play ball

Welcome back Kinetic fans! This is going to be one of my favorite articles to write because it is 100% devoted to my favorite sport... BASEBALL!

As most of you know, Mariners Spring Training is well under way in Peoria, AZ. Our pitcher’s arms are strong, we have heavy hitters back in our line-up, and for the first time in over a decade, we are a strong contender to win our division and bring the 1995 magic back to Seattle. In the words of Hamilton Porter in the movie The Sandlot, “PLAY BALL!”

When it comes to sports rehabilitation and baseball, we naturally think of shoulder injuries. With improper conditioning and repetitive abuse, shoulder injuries could not only sideline you for the season, but it can also end your career. Personally, a shoulder injury in my left labrum ended my baseball career. However, fortunately, my injury introduced me to an industry that allows me to help baseball players change their injury story and improve their performance on the diamond! So, I’m a pretty happy and blessed guy.

In Baseball, like with all sports, preparation and conditioning is everything. We know that a strong rotator cuff is essential in reducing the chance of injury. However, an informed athlete needs to give the rest of the body (like the thoracic spine, core, and hips) the same attention as the shoulder if he wants to become stronger, quicker, and more durable during the season.

Now, this doesn't mean you should just go out there and knock of squats and planks to fill in the gaps in a conditioning program. While those exercises are great—a specific athlete like a pitcher needs a very specific training program to help him dominate on the mound. That’s where your team at Kinetic comes in, and we have developed 5 Primers to help you turn some heads this season. So here we go!

5 Primers For Baseball Season

Rotator Cuff External/Internal Rotation


Kneeling T-Spine Rotation


TRX Overhead Squat


Rolling Patterns


Dead Bug

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