Change Your Story - Dennis D.

At Kinetic Sports Rehab, helping people change their story is our top priority. We have AMAZING people walk through our doors everyday, and to see and hear how their lives have been affected by what we do is priceless. We like to share those stories to help inspire others to change their story!

What Was Your Injury, Or What Brought You To Kinetic Sports Rehab?:

I was experiencing what felt like a severe muscle tear in my left Quad.

What Was Your Injury Preventing You From Doing Or Experiencing?:

This condition would increase in pain the faster I tried to run and made it impossible to fully stride out. This made it very difficult to enjoy the Senior Baseball League in which I participate. I grew very frustrated that I was not playing up to my potential and tired of the longevity of this condition. I have played sports, competitive and otherwise, all my life and have played thru pain and gone thru treatment for injuries. I know my body well and I have never experienced anything like this. I spent a lot of time researching sports injury treatments, talking to doctors, resting, icing and heating the affected muscles to no avail!! In the mean time my wife was being treated at KSR and was very impressed with the organization and soooo excited about how quickly she was experiencing progress with each appointment! So I decided to check KSR out for myself.

How Has That Changed Since Receiving Treatment?:

Within the first couple of visits there was a noticeable reduction in the sharpness of the pain that I felt and the pain would subside more quickly after running. Considering how long I had lived with this, I was beyond ecstatic. By the 7th or 8th I was experiencing no pain, which became a distraction of it's own. As the KSR team addressed my immediate problem they diagnosed and designed exercises that corrected the alignment and strength issues which were at the root of my pain. As I went thru treatments I had goals of my own that I shared with the KSR team to build into my workouts. First, I NEVER wanted to experience this pain again! Second, I wanted to regain, as much as possible at 53, a more explosive full out sprinting stride. And third, more full range of movement so that I could take a serious shot at the pitching rotation. By the end of my season I had rediscovered my love for playing baseball and my performance on the field is a testament to the KSR team.

I can't say enough about the unique KSR business model, professional and personable staff, healing atmosphere and quality people that is KSR! Their ability to turn an arduous treatment plan that I had to go thru into shared journey to healing is nothing short of amazing to me. Whether it was sweating thru Dead Bugs or straining thru Side Planks, they were there every step of the way. Even when I didn't think they were looking.


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