Change Your Story: Jourdan Harvey

"Change Your Story" isn't just a cheesy tagline - it's our PURPOSE. We're inspired by your stories each and every day. From something as simple as being able to touch your toes for the first time in ten years, to running without pain, to playing with your kids, we have the pleasure of helping co-author your story; the new chapter of your life.

It's been a dream to make your amazing stories come to life. To not hide them. To put them out into the world to not brag, but INSPIRE. Your story has the power to help others change theirs.

In this first venture, we feature Jourdan Harvey (@jcgharvey), a Kiwi with an appetite for logging lots of miles on trails and navigating unfamiliar terrain through orienteering. He's got a heart for community and helping others which is why it's been a pleasure to work with him on our Beginning Trail Running series.

So, thanks for watching. Would love to hear what you think!

#bekinetic #changeyourstory #trailrunning

Shot and edited by: @nathaniel_dietz