Change Your Story - Kate H.

More often than not, it's the little things that really make the difference...

Kate was hindered by her tight, stiff muscles and joints which held her back from achieving her full potential in her CrossFit workouts. How did she measure her lack of mobility? Well, sure, an obvious sign was the fact she didn't have full range of motion doing ring dips, but she also had another goal in mind that would gauge her mobility - she wanted to be able to do "the mask".


What was your injury, or what brought you to Kinetic Sports Rehab?:

I was having mobility issues that were some of my CrossFit workouts.


What was your injury preventing you from doing or experiencing?:

Full range of movement doing ring dips. Plus, I was just feeling tight and stiff. On a lighter note, I couldn't do "the mask" with my hands!   :)


How has that changed since receiving treatment?:

I am able to get full range of movement in my ring dips. Pull-ups are more fluid. My overall workouts feel strong. I've also had friends mention to me that my posture looks better. It's amazing the movement I've regained in 3 1/2 weeks!


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