CrossFit Mobility Clinic Recap

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This past Saturday (Valentine's Day Eve), we were honored to be invited to host a Mobility Clinic at NWCF - Bellevue. The premise of this one hour power clinic was to help athletes prepare for the 2016 CrossFit Open. We covered key areas that needed some LUV (Valentine's Day themed) so the body could be better primed to handle the 5 weeks of workouts that are designed to challenge you under different demands. We were pumped to take on the challenge and hopefully give the amazing warriors of NWCF - Bellevue the tools they needed to walk up to the first workout with an edge.

While the pure awesomeness of foam rolling was covered during this workshop, the vast majority of the clinic was devoted to understating the why behind foam rolling exercises and why it should be coupled with the right exercise to yield the best possible result. Yes, this meant getting certain muscles to wake-up and burn (and they BURNED, alright) to help promote, and ultimately cement, active range of motion.

In short, we created a mobility program to improve joint range of motion under load, which is exactly what every athlete needs - CrossFit or not - when they’re working out or enjoying the sports they LUV. 

The mobility clinic was broken up into six parts:

  1. Introduction and goals of the clinic
  2. Why foam rolling is amazing and understanding its limitations
  3. Ankle Mobility (complete plan)
  4. Hip Mobility (complete plan)
  5. Shoulder Mobility (complete plan) 
  6. Summary and Thank You

Sean Masters and Dr. Joe Farris had a blast hosting this clinic and getting to know some amazing people. Even though the specific drills covered are exclusive to the athletes who attended, we will be hosting more mobility clinics in the future!

If you are interested in having Kinetic come and host a one hour power clinic for your athletes, please contact us for more information.

The question I am going to leave you with is:

Do you have all the right tools in the box?


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