Featured Series: "40 Ways To Get Back In The Saddle" by Jill Ginsberg of thejillist.com

About 10 months ago, the Kinetic Team sat down and had a discussion based around one question - Why do we show up to work? After going around the circle and discussing the myriad of reasons, one common theme emerged. We show up to help people change their story.

Recently, one of our patients, Jill Ginsberg, let us know she was going on the trip of a lifetime - a 200+ mile, multi-day tour through California's wine country. Jill's dreamed of this trip for years and decided it was time to make it happen...just in time for her 40th birthday. But, as most of us know, there are always road blocks when it comes to our dreams, and Jill has them just like everyone else - chronic back pain (her back had given out on her three times within six months), financial struggles, parental responsibilities (taking care of a 2, 7, and 10 year old is no easy feat in and of itself), as well as other mental and emotional stressors.

 Jill knows how to stay hydrated on a bike tour through wine country...

Jill knows how to stay hydrated on a bike tour through wine country...


Jill's story of overcoming her debilitating back pain, and preparing for what seems like an impossible trip to execute is a prime example of how someone took charge of their health, of their life, and decided to commit to changing their story.

Jill is also a holistic health coach and the blogger behind thejillist.com, a "a lighthearted lifestyle and wellness blog that helps moms get their act together while laughing at the same time." She will be sharing her progress and how she overcomes her struggles through a series of posts she's titled 40 Ways To Get Back In The Saddle.

The Kinetic Team as well as our friends over at Gregg's Cycles, invite you to click through and check out the first post of the series, "10 Ways To Tackle Your Dream Adventure".  Hopefully, it encourages you to get back in the saddle, change your story and make your dream trip a reality!!

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