Fremont Clinic's Patient of the Month - December 2014

Fremont Clinic's Patient of the Month - Dec 2014
Helena is a testament to dedication, never losing focus, and not taking no for an answer. She came to our clinic with a severely frozen right shoulder. Having lost most of the range of motion in the joint, she was not only unable to perform her job as a Federal Agent, but washing her hair, dressing, and normal activities of daily living were a battle. Helena was on board from the very first appointment to do whatever it took to get her life back. Several visits later, relentless effort at home doing her rehab exercises, and drive to get back to her life, are the reasons why she has gained 80% of her range of motion back! Helena is back at her job with no restrictions, and continues to improve every day. Thank you, Helena, for the inspiration!
— Dr. Kaylie Higgins

(Helena just left us a wonder Yelp review - which is great since we're a referral based practice. We wanted to share it with you so you can hear both sides of the story!)


"I have been going to Kinetic Sports Rehab for about 6-months. When I came in I was unable to lift my arm away from my body following  the development of adhesive capsulitis from rotator cuff reattachment.  Right now I can raise my arm over my head easily and am playing with weights and resistance. The staff there has been great! They're extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. Everyone works with you  on your journey to recovery and  really become a part of your team.  The combination of everything they do really works. I wish I had started going there right after my surgery-unfortunately, I was going to a more traditional PT who was not addressing my scar tissue buildup until it was too late.  My surgeon told me to try the ART at Kinetic for "few months" to see if my shoulder improved before we went back to surgery; I have never looked back and additional surgery is off the table!" - Helena P.


BIG thank goes out to Helena for not only taking charge or her health by committing to and focusing on her treatment plan, but also for leaving us such a wonderful review!!