Fremont Clinic's Patient of the Month - December 2015

As one of our elite endurance athletes, Amy has inspired us with all her hard work and dedication in and out of the clinic. During a life transformation over the past decade, she began to experience pain while training for Iron Man, marathons, and CrossFit events. While continuously working hard to fine tune her movement patterns, she is dominating her age group in all three sports. Most recently, she placed 1st in the Seattle Quadzilla, an event consisting of four half marathons in four days!!!

Congrats, Amy, on all you’ve accomplished! You’re an animal!
— Jason Butler, Rehab Manager - Fremont
Amy is someone that loves her sport and is so passionate about it that she will do anything to get to her goals. After Amy’s initial injury to her low back and hip was resolved, she continued to see us for the many tiny aches and pain that come with running a full marathon almost every. single. weekend. Amy’s awesome attitude, love for being active, and her unwavering commitment to her rehab and treatment plan have kept her out there kicking but! In the past year of having the pleasure of treating Amy, she has completed her first 50K, and placed 1st in the 2015 Quadzuki- yes, that’s 4 1/2 marathons in 4 days. A true inspiration!
— Dr. Kaylie Higgins, Clinic Director - Fremont