Fremont Clinic's POTM(s) - May 2015

I first met Christian and Nicolé at a 2015 CrossFit Open event, Workout 15.2, which consisted of many overhead squats - a movement that always recreated their current symptoms. They came up to me before the workout to tell their strikingly similar stories of injury, surgeries, and limitations. They are both high-level athletes (Nicolé competed in the 2009 CrossFit Games - the oldest competitor ever at that time) and both struggled from past injuries and surgeries to their upper extremities. After a brief consultation and treatment session they were geared up to begin their workout. Upon completing (and absolutely crushing) the workout, they rushed over and immediately booked new patient appointments because their “shoulders hadn’t felt that good during overhead movements in years”.
Christian and Nicolé have incredible stories of resilience when faced with adversity and their determination to move better is motivating for the entire clinic. We have decided to sponsor these incredible athletes for the 2015 Elysian Games on September 13th and will continue to track their progress throughout the summer - stay tuned for more updates! Congratulations Christian and Nicolé, you two are truly inspirational and we are proud to be part of your story! #changeyourstory
— Dr. Eric Dickerson