Fremont Clinic's POTM - November 2015

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Meet Taylor, your average 20-something guy…basketball player, weight lifter and overall enjoyer of all life has to offer in Southern California. What’s not average is why he became a patient. Taylor found Kinetic after a frustrating few months recovering from a disorder where his immune system attacked the nerves in his legs, causing him to lose strength, balance, muscle control, and even normal sensation.

Taylor’s road to recovery has had him temporarily move home to undergo a series of blood work to help address the auto-immune disorder, but simply sitting around waiting to get better is NOT Taylor’s cup of tea. Eager to be back to his old self, Taylor searched for a sports medicine clinic as a homebase to do everything in his power to return to his active lifestyle, and that’s where Kinetic came into the picture. You see, his goals are simple: getting back to “hoopin’ and squattin”.

We have worked together with Taylor to help him relearn and train in many facets: from simple things like bending over to pick stuff up or balancing on one leg, all the way to complex activities like goblet squats and kettle bell swings. We develop the plan and sit back in awe as Taylor puts his nose to the grindstone, crushing his rehab protocols...usually with a good bead of sweat on his forehead, but always with a smile from ear to ear!

We love having you in the clinic and are proud to see the progress you have made overcoming a challenging condition. Huge high fives to you, Taylor!!
— Dr. Greg Johnson, DC