Green Lake Clinic's Patient of the Month - December 2015

Marta come to us after a consultation at a CrossFit she was unable to perform at due to a strained hamstring. Unable to do what her and her husband love to do (CrossFit), she decided to make a change.

She came in everyday with a big smile on her face and ready to get after it on the rehab floor. Every challenge we put in front of her, she would work hard to dominate it. She was diligent at home with her exercises and it showed at every appointment.

A couple of months after conquering her hamstring, she came back in for a shoulder problem. She was bummed out but still had a great attitude. She couldn’t hold a kettle bell or do a shoulder press due to some muscle patterning issues but after a few visits of challenging her to move the right way, the problem was resolved and she’s able to get back in gym!
— Dr. Bart Hand