Green Lake Clinic's POTM - May 2015

Gabriela is an ex-marathon runner who found a love for CrossFit. She stopped running marathons due to knee pain. Every time she had a workout with a lot of squats, she dreaded it because she knew she was going to be in pain a week after the workout. As a high-level CrossFit athlete who loves to move a lot of weight, this did not sit well with her, so she came to us for help.

She brought that same high energy intensity that she has when running marathons and working out to the clinic everyday. Even though she would commute from West Seattle, she came in early and stayed late to do extra reps and perfect the exercises. Before coming to see us at Kinetic her knees would almost touch each other during a squat but now she is squatting like a champion and achieved a new PR on her one rep max! Great job, Gabriella!
— Dr. Bart Hand