Green Lake Clinic's Patient of the Month - November 2014

Kinetic Sports Rehab - Green Lake POTM - Nov 2014

"In early November, Kathryn visited our clinic for the first time for the same reason a lot of patients step through our doors... she was just looking for answers. Kathryn has experienced chronic discomfort in her hip and foot that has preventing her from participating in her favorite activities like running, weightlifting, but maybe more importantly, she couldn't wear the shoes she wanted to.

The most frustrating part is up until the time Kathryn walked into our clinic, she had done everything right. She had consulted with her medical doctor, her sports orthopedist, her podiatrist, her chiropractor and physical therapist. She would often get relief, but still nothing seemed to last.

Still she refused to give up and was driven to remain active. 

Her refusal to accept her pain as "normal"  eventually brought her to our clinic. During her first visit she voiced frustrations with her progress over the years, and just wanted to know if this was something she would have to be prepared to live with.  So we did what we do best - we watched her move.

At our clinic, you are not just a hip or a foot, you are a runner, a walker, a dancer, and in Kathryn's case a teacher. We know that you have pain (you told us that), but what we do is determine the why. We have to watch you move to see what changes, or cheats, your body has adapted to so it can avoid or limit your pain. With Kathryn we found a few patterns that caused a breakdown and eventually pain. That was the easy part.

The hard part it going to work to fix it. We showed Kathryn the changes she needed to make, and she put her drive and energy into making those changes. She showed up, she worked and she changed the way she moved. Her frustrations eventually turned to enthusiasm, and her "normal" was now something different. This only fueled her fire. This is why Kathryn is POTM, she helped contribute to the fire that we have towards our patients. She inspired us to always keep working, and never accept "normal" in our clinic. She still has work to do, but Kathryn is on a road to lifelong activity and maybe even a new fancy pair of shoes."

- Dr. Mike Smith, Seattle Chiropractor