Green Lake Clinic's POTM - August 2015

Helen’s success in the clinic has been one the whole team has been proud to be apart of. In the fall of 2014 Helen was diagnosed with bone cancer of her lower leg. After several surgeries and chemotherapy Helen was ready for her road to recovery.

When she came to us she had two simple goals: play soccer again and never wear her foot brace for walking. The foot brace was not only uncomfortable but it also wasn’t very fashionable. And at the time Helen had difficulty walking longer than 3 blocks.

We told her at times her exercises wouldn’t be fun, but we would have as much fun as we possibly could. Even if that meant playing soccer with makeshift objects (balls and foam rollers).

Helen made the most of it and has seen her hard work pay off. She no longer wears her foot brace and she was even spotted this summer wearing flip flops with her toe nails colored Kinetic orange and green. The first week of September also marks her first week of practice for her soccer team, the Funky Monkeys.

We’re proud of you Helen and Go Funky Monkeys!
— Dr. Paul Molina