Green Lake Clinic's POTM - September 2015

Kinetic Sports Rehab - Green Lake POTM Sept 2015
Kelsey came to us after a really tough injury. She had a fall where she actually fractured a part of her spine. This hurts - a LOT. But what hurts even more is when after she had healed and be cleared to play, she still experience constant pain. And when play = climbing and mountaineering, pain can really shut you down.

So, Kelsey came to looking to get better, she seemed a little discouraged and was ultimately just looking to get out of pain at and taking care of her family. So we made a plan. With the plan she was able focus on getting stronger and moving well. We had to re-introduce movement that she would need to climb and show her body, “Hey, I’m stable and I’m strong, so just relaaaaax.”

The compensations and protective patterns your body will develop after a tough injury are really hard to change, but Kelsey really worked hard and put the time in. And after about a month, not only is she out of pain, but she’s starting to climb again! We’re so pumped for her.
— Dr. Mike Smith