Hip Hinge Clinic Recap

 Put that dowel up on yo hip and when I dip, you dip, we dip.

Put that dowel up on yo hip and when I dip, you dip, we dip.


Dr. Paul Molina and Dr. Mike Smith hosted a hip hinge clinic at Northwest CrossFit - Green Lake this past Saturday.

Lamarr Smith, NWCF coach and founder of Legendary Competitor, took the time to write up a recap of the clinic and pointed out some key observations. Click through to read his full recap over on NWCF's site.

Full recap: http://www.nwcrossfit.com/kinetic-sports-rehab-hip-hinge-clinic-recap/

The hip hinge is a basic movement pattern that several specific movements develop and make more powerful. As humans first and athletes second, efficiency and maintaining proper movement patterns are key to longevity. The kettle bell swing, deadlift, and squat are a few specific movements that are particularly important in our training. These movements all start with a hip hinge.

[...] I see it everyday— athletes want to move more weight and move it faster. Very few are willing to slow down and take few steps back to see where the root of the malfunction or disconnect originates.
— Lamarr Smith