Interbay Clinic's Patient of the Month - December 2015

It’s patients like Ben who make me truly honored and excited to come to work everyday. Motivated by his role as a new dad, Ben made it clear from day one that he was determined to do whatever it took to be able to play with his son without pain. Ben showed up to each visit full of positive energy and ready to work!

Having spent many years practicing Muay Thai and western boxing, Ben was no stranger to injury. Long standing back and shoulder issues had made him weary to attempt workouts out of fear of waking up in more pain, and Ben refused to have this fear of movement become his new normal. Ben found Kinetic after researching where he could get a functional movement assessment and was pumped to find out that helping people move well is what Kinetic is all about!

It has been awesome to watch him progress to someone who is confident pushing themselves at the gym and feeling great after doing so. We are sure that Ben will be able to play with his son for years to come!
— Dr. Lisa Viapiano