Interbay Clinic's POTM - August 2015

kinetic sports rehab - interbay - patient of the month
Kinetic has the best patients in the world and that is a scientific fact! The patients who come to us are motivated, enthusiastic, determined to understand their ailment, eager to change their story, and excited to have a little fun along the way. These are all qualities that Christie brings with her to each appointment!

The road to recovery for Christie has been fueled by the desire to actually get back on the road and run again. With each appointment, Christie walks in with a beaming smile and a look on her face that says, “What do you have for me today, Sean? Bring on the exercises!”. Each appointment ends with the highest of fives and mutual feeling of accomplishment that we just took the next big step (or lunge) toward helping her reach her goals.

We are so proud of you, Christie, and we are honored to be on your fitness and wellness team. Stay awesome!
— Sean Masters, Director of Rehab