Interbay Clinic's POTM - July 2015

Interbay clinic’s Patient of the Month for July is Deborah H. Wow, where do I start with her?

When Deborah first came in, she told her miraculous story of drastic weight loss and complete lifestyle change. She had been training for a ½ Ironman and suddenly was unable to walk - let alone run - due to the pain she developed in her hip. Clearly, she was desperate for answers and hope.

After a thorough examination and determination of the cause of her hip pain, I asked her how long we had until her race. “It’s two weeks from now”, she replied, “but as long as I can walk across that finish line I’ll be happy”. “Two weeks?!”, I said to her shockingly. Just walking across the finish line was the expectation we went in with. Deborah came into her second visit after only ONE treatment with no pain while walking; she was stunned. Two weeks later we saw her the day before the race and wished her luck.

The next visit, Deborah came in with a medal around her neck, she had finished her very first ½ Ironman - DOUBLE HIGH FIVES! Not only had she finished the bike, swim, and run, but she ran all 13.1 miles with zero pain. That’s right folks, from crawling to finishing ½ Ironmans in two weeks - unbelievable! Three weeks later she completed her first RAGNAR; who is this superhuman triathlete?!

Deborah is another great example of how important it is to stay strict with the treatment plan we’ve recommended as well as the rehab exercises we’ve custom built for you. Her positive attitude every step of the way was also crucial to her success. We look forward to assisting Deborah in achieving the many goals she has made for her future and sincerely hope her story will inspire others to never lose hope. Congratulations, Deborah, stay awesome!
— Dr. Eric Dickerson