Interbay Clinic's POTM - October 2015

Patient Of The Month (POTM).jpg
Kinetic Sports Rehab exists for one reason, to help you Change Your Story. This is our modo, our credo, our mission, which takes a team to execute. It’s a steadfast commitment from our exceptional team to our amazing patients. However, the true unsung heroes in the journey to get better, perform better, and live better is the support of family. Shawn’s motivation to push himself to the next level was his wonderful family, who accompanied him to every appointment and rooted on their hero. Shawn’s family reminds us that we all have a unique story, and how we attack the challenges we face is a profound lesson for those around us. You have inspired so many with all your hard work, Shawn. We are so proud of you and feel blessed to have gotten to know you and your beautiful family. Stay AWESOME!
— Sean Masters, Director of Rehab