Interbay Clinic's POTM - September 2015

Kinetic Sports Rehab Interbay/Queen Anne POTM Sep 2015
Patients like Anna are the reason I absolutely LOVE my “job”. Dysfunctional in every movement performed in the biomechanical assessment, check. Positive orthopedic examinations left and right, check. Skepticism before coming in for her appointment, check. It’s easy for me to get excited about cases like hers - cases where I know we’re about to help this person get their life back.

Anna was on-board from day one and put in all of the necessary work to achieve her goals, which were set at the beginning of treatment. She wanted to get back to training in 4 weeks and achieved that goal together in half the time. She brings great energy and enthusiasm to each visit and makes it fun for everyone around her.

Anna is our September Patient of the Month and deserves every bit of that title - congratulations, Anna! We can only hope to help many more patients just like you in the future.
— Dr. Eric Dickerson, DC