Kinetic Learning Event - Kinesio Taping 101 for CrossFitters

 Dr. Smith explaining the 

Have you ever wondered what kinesio tape is and what it actually does? Or, maybe you already know what it is but have wondered how to properly apply it? We thought so. This Kinetic Learning Event was specifically tailored for CrossFitters with those exact questions!

Thirteen CrossFit coaches and members from all over Seattle - Northwest CrossFit, Xplore CrossFit and Grunge City CrossFit - showed up to get their learn on. Kinetic Sports Rehab's Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Paul Molina went over the basics of the tape, what it is, why it's important to CrossFitters, and demonstrated four CrossFit-specific applications. The participants were asked if they've ever had experience with kinesiology tape or have had it applied to them, and only four out of thirteen raised their hands! We hope everyone walked away with the knowledge they needed to improve their performance and aid their recovery.

HUGE thanks to those who attended and made our first Kinetic Learning Event a success!


Here's some pics from the event:

For those that missed the event, or for those who were there but may have lost the print out of the docs' notes, here's a copy:

We're looking forward to hosting many more Kinetic Learning Events in the future including a three-part series in collaboration with Evo Seattle - Preparation, Prevention, and Recovery for Skiers & Snowboarders. The first class in that series will be Tuesday, November 18th at 7:00pm in our Fremont clinic. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or sign up for our email list to keep up to date with that and other events! #bekinetic!