Growing & Moving Toward the Future of Health

By Sean Masters, Co Founder and Director of Growth

Recently I shared that Kinetic has big things happening soon. Today, I’m going to share a little more about what that actually means.

Moving Toward the Future of Health

Our years of serving our Seattle community has shown us that we've got something special. Our unique hybrid approach and our incredible team are helping people heal, recover from injury, and make breakthroughs in their lives.


And we've learned that our community is our lifeblood. We couldn't do what we do without every one of you showing us support, referring your friends and family, and trusting us to help you move your life forward. 

We see the future of healthcare evolving to become a community in which people take control and are actively involved in every aspect of their care. We believe our business model can help usher in this positive change, and this summer we'll continue sharing this message and method with world. 

Two More Clinics Opening Summer 2018

Exciting, right?! This summer we’ll open two new clinics, one in West Seattle and one in Portland, Oregon. Construction is underway, and I’ll have an update and photos next week.

 Yes, we know this isn't in West Seattle. But our new clinic is. 

Yes, we know this isn't in West Seattle. But our new clinic is. 

New Seattle location: West Seattle

Our West Seattle clinic is located on Fauntleroy, just a stone’s throw from ‘the junction’. We’re excited to join the West Seattle community and can’t wait to begin helping people. It’s thrilling to offer our unique method of sports chiropractic, manual therapy and movement in West Seattle.

 Portland here we come!

Portland here we come!

New Portland, location: Slabtown

Portland, Oregon represents is our first out-of-state clinic. The health and wellness community in Portland is incredible - we’re thankful to have had such a warm welcome in PDX. Our clinic is in the hip Slabtown neighborhood, and we’re pumped to be right next to our friends Orangtheory Fitness. 

More to Come

We’ll have opening dates, photos, and we’ve still got an ace up our sleeve. There will be one more big announcement before the summer is over.

It’s an exciting time for Kinetic. I want to thank you all for reading, and for coming along with us on this journey.

-Sean Masters

Co Founder & Director of Growth