Green Lake Clinic's Patient of the Month - September 2014

Paul is a stud. Pure and simple. He may be one of the most functional patients that we have had the privilege of working with. But beyond his pure movements is a pure heart that always walks in with a smile on his face and a motivation to sweat and learn. Like many of our patients, Paul is part of the Kinetic family and is probably one of the fittest members at the family table. Thank you all the trust you have put in us, Paul. We are honored to be on your team.
— Sean Masters, Director of Rehab
Patient of the Month - Green Lake Clinic - Sep 2014

Awesome job, Paul! Congrats! We'll be getting you your Kinetic Sports Rehab workout shirt and a gift card on your next visit!!

If you're struggling with an injury or a performance plateau and would like to learn more about functional rehabilitation, check out our functional rehabilitation page. Also, check out our Services, or read about what makes Kinetic Sports Rehab different - The Kinetic Way.