Kinetic Learning Event_003 - Preparation for Skiers & Snowboarders

(All images were taken during the corresponding Kinetic Learning Event at our Fremont clinic.)

Instructor: Andrew Didricksen | Words: Nate Dietz

KLE_003 - Preparation for Skiers and Snowboarders

The Need.

Kinetic Learning Events are designed to address the need of a specific sport. With the winter months approaching, we wanted to host a Kinetic Learning Event (KLE) that focused on the needs of skiing and snowboarding community.

The needs were clear, and we landed on a three part series covering preparation - getting your body ready for the upcoming season, prevention - strengthening the commonly injured areas, and recovery - everyone gets sore no matter their skill level. When our neighbor (and the most prominent ski and snowboard retailer and community leader in the states), Evo, decided to back the event, we were beyond stoked!

The Reason.

I've been there and I'm sure you've been there...the season is right around the corner, you haven't really been doing much (physically), and you know, you know, you're gonna be sore and tired after that first day. We wanted to design the "Preparation" event to encompass a whole-body plan to get you prepped for the season, all with using only your own body weight - no weights or equipment needed. The docs and our rehab specialists put together a curriculum to address the specific needs of skiers and snowboarders.

 Instructor Andrew Didricksen illustrating proper squat form.

Instructor Andrew Didricksen illustrating proper squat form.

 Squat jumps in action.

Squat jumps in action.

 Participants performing shoulder taps while the Kinetic team observes form.

Participants performing shoulder taps while the Kinetic team observes form.

The Plan.

Below is the exact outline taught during the class. We wanted to make it available not only as a refresher for those who attended, but also to those who aren't local, or who just couldn't make it. If you know a skier or snowboarder who could benefit from this, please share it with them!

Holy crap, my quads are on fire!

  • Exercise: Squat Jumps
    • Benefits: Gets your quads primed and ready to rock!
    • Why?: Ups your ability to generate power over the duration of the run.
    • Form Tips: Knees track out to the 2nd toe. Don't be clunky (soft landings). Triple extension (ankles-knees-hips).

You know my hips don't lie, bro!

  • Exercise: Hip Hinge; transitioning into a Single Leg Deadlift
    • Benefits: Three-dimensional - hip stability and strength, core stability, back savers.
    • Why?: The hip hinge with a stable spine is a basic ski and snowboard position; bending at the back all the way down the mountain will leave your back tired and sore, duh!
    • Form Tips: Push your hips up and back until your hamstrings stretch. Make sure your torso is only bending forward because your hips are moving. Return to a tall standing position.

You think you're so hardCORE!

  • Exercise: Shoulder Taps
    • Benefits: Core stability/strength and shoulder stability.
    • Why?: Reflexive stability is especially important when dealing with the changing terrain on the slopes as well as protecting yourself from falls.
    • Form Tips: Hands directly under shoulders and feet wide. Hips likely higher than you think (don't sag your pelvis to the ground). Try not to shift weight excessively as you slowly tap your shoulders.


  • Exercises: Lateral Bounds/ Smooth Criminals
    • Bonus exercises are gone over in-event.


Kinetic Learning Event_003 - Preparation for Skiers & Snowboarders

(Thanks again to everyone who came! We had a blast and hope you did too!)


Again, huuuge thanks to Evo for helping put on these events! And another big thanks to everyone who came! We know the snow's not quite there yet, so take advantage of this time and get prepped so you're ready to rock!

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