Better Mobility, Better Golf Workshop | Feb 24


Better Mobility, Better Golf Workshop | Feb 24


The Details:

Golfers: Preparing for the upcoming golf season. Play better, without pain. 

Do you experience pain while practicing? Are you feeling stiff through your backswing or followthrough? Want to feel more stable during your swing to hit the ball farther down the fairway? 

Come join Dr. Stephanie Harkins, DC MS CCSP at Kinetic Sports Rehab for a golf-specific movement workshop.  Dr. Stephanie has trained extensively through the Titleist Performance Institute, learning about the body-swing connection in order to better serve the golf community. 

You will learn:

  • Functional movements designed to relieve pain for golfers.
  • The importance of mobility, core, and glute strength to your golf game. 
  • Key mobility and stability exercises to improve thoracic mobility, core strength, hip mobility, and glute strength. 

Please come dressed in relaxed clothing that allows you to move. Looking forward to seeing you!

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