Functional Mobility Training - Hips @ Ian Fitness


Functional Mobility Training - Hips @ Ian Fitness



Dates: 12/9/2017 & 12/13/2017

Who's This Workshop For?

Whether you are a hiker, trail runner, climber, skier, cyclist, CrossFitter, or weekend warrior, you can't perform at your best if mobility restrictions or joint pain is holding you back. 

Why Should I Care About Improving Mobility?

Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable range of motion one possesses. The more mobility someone has, the more they're able to move safely and efficiently without running into restrictions that cause compensation patterns which could lead to decreased performance or even injury. 

his mobility program is rooted by Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) principles to increase articular strength and neurological control of your hips and shoulders. It's designed to close the gap between one's active and passive range-of-motion.

The Details:

  • Ian Fitness West Seattle, 12/9/17 at 10:30-11:30a
  • Ian Fitness Crown Hill, 12/13/17 at 5:00-6:00p
  • What To Bring: Active clothing and a yoga mat if you have one!
  • How Much: Charge for attendance is $20.00 with all proceeds going to Make-a-Wish Foundation! 


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Amy M. - Triathlete

The Functional Mobility clinic was extremely beneficial to me as an athlete.

So often I feel I neglect mobility because it isn't as exciting as going for a run or lifting weights. I've learned from Jason and the Kinetic family that mobility training is just as important as your sport-specific training. Maybe even more important, as it helps prevent injuries AND improves performance!

I have seen the benefits in myself since regularly incorporating mobility into my daily routine. I have improved my running times, lifted heavier and even qualified for the Boston Marathon!

The mobility clinic makes sense of the "Why" and the "How", and helps you incorporate it into your training. I look forward to attending more classes with Jason and expanding my knowledge, mobility and performance!

Andrea Perez - Instructor at Kettlebility

I have been a patient at Kinetic for my hip in the past so when I learned they were offering a functional mobility class for hips, shoulders, and spine, I was not going to pass this up.  The team at Kinetic is so knowledgeable and they make these lessons fun and easy to remember.

Jason has carefully explained the importance of daily joint health.  Being an instructor of kettlebells at Kettlebility, I not only use these new movements in my daily routine, but I added them into our mobility prep in all of our classes for our members to enjoy.  In just one month, our members have noticed an increase in mobility and strength and a decrease in joint discomfort from tightness, lack of range of motion, and weakness around their joints from everyday life, like sitting and texting.

The best part of these classes are that they build on one another. I have attended two classes and each time I leave with no pain, sleep well through the night, see visible strength gains throughout the week, and overall better movement from my clients.

Thank you Jason and Kinetic team!  I can't wait to see what's in store for Thursday!

Brice - Movement Enthusiast

I became interested in Kinetic Sports Rehab after searching for more information regarding the functional range conditioning (FRC) approach to strength and mobility. My interests include a combination of mountain biking, trail running, basic gymnastics, movement, and yoga. While progressing within these activities I have noticed some basic limitations in control and strength at end ranges of motion, often times a need to increase both. The FRC methods claim to do just this, but the specific techniques and exercises are quite technical and usually limited to expensive certification seminars geared towards fitness professionals. Fortunately, Kinetic offers regular classes focusing on FRC principles and movements that I was able to participate and apply to my own training. Jason conducted interactive classes leading us through a variety of techniques that challenged a joint's full range of motion which may otherwise go unused. Applying what we learned in my regular routines, I experienced significant improvements in both strength and general body positioning (proprioception).

Conveniently, Kinetic was also able to provide their hybrid chiropractic/physical therapy services for an old wrist injury that was limiting my confidence during certain activities. What stood out to me was the initial evaluation performed by Dr. Mike Smith regarding my basic movement patterns. He was able to identify specific imbalances and joint compensations that may have contributed to the origin of the wrist injury. For treatment, I was provided a varied routine ranging from isolation exercises to relearn proper patterns initially and progressively incorporating elements that build strength in those corrected patterns. I tend to avoid taking the initiative to see a physical therapist, doctor, or other health professional thinking I can try to solve my problem independently; however, I am grateful I contacted Kinetic for my own preventative and rehabilitation purposes and recommend like minded individuals to do the same.

Hannah M. - Avid Hiker/Runner

I am an avid runner/hiker and have dealt with pain for the past three years. I started attending the functional mobility workshops because I was sick of the pain. Jason does a terrific job of not only explaining the exercises but also the reason for doing them. The moves are simple, but highly effective. I’ve started to feel relief and will definitely continue attending these workshops!