Functional Pilates With Geneva

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Functional Pilates With Geneva





In this 55-minute class, Geneva combines functional-based movements with traditional Pilates exercises.

Pilates is a great supplement for a lot of activities as it helps strengthen the mind body connection. When your body is smarter, you can train better and harder. We will focus on quality of movement that will be appropriate for ANY type of athlete. Whether you are trying to get back into fitness, recovering from an injury or just want to intensify your work outs - this class can help you get there!

Geneva will take you through traditional Pilates exercises that have been around for nearly a century as well as new functional-based movements that follow the Pilates principals. These classes are also great if want to prevent future injuries or if you're still recovering from pain!

The classes will focus on different forms of stability that can improve body awareness, balance, core strength and posture.


Here's The Details:

  • When: Thursday, August 3rd, from 7:00a - 7:55a
  • Where: Kinetic Sports Rehab - Fremont - 701 N 36th St Ste 430, Seattle, WA 98103
  • How Much: Charge for attendance is $10.00 with 100% of proceeds going to Pencils of Promise, which helps build schools in impoverished communities around the world. You'll be giving back to others as we give back to our amazing Seattle community!

So, reserve your spot, tell your friends and get ready to improve body awareness, balance, core strength and posture!

Please come dressed in relaxed clothing that allows you to move. Looking forward to seeing you!

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