WAC Mountain Prep

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WAC Mountain Prep

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Thursday March 1st | WAC member exclusive

7:30-8:45 pm at Kinetic Fremont Clinic

701 N 36th St #430, Seattle WA 98103

Workshop covers:

  • Functional training for mountain athletes
  • Mitigating common injuries like knee, back, foot, and hip pain
  • Increasing joint durability
  • Improving movement efficiency 
  • Boosting your performance 
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WAC Mountain Prep

Functional Training for Mountain Athletes

Ever wonder how to decrease your odds of injury while increasing your performance for the upcoming alpine season?

Kinetic Sports Rehab and the WAC team up to give you a workshop geared towards making you more mobile and durable, so you can tackle the mountains with confidence.

Mountaineering is demanding, and you can't perform at your best if mobility restrictions, joint pain, or stability issues hold you back. Unfortunately, mountain athletes commonly experience knee pain, hip tension, foot issues and back tightness due to the challenges of the sport.

Join this WAC exclusive workshop to learn how to mitigate these issues before they start. By addressing mobility issues and improving stability in the right places, you’ll eliminate the restrictions that hold you back or lead to overuse injury.