Do you take my insurance and what will be covered?

We accept most most major insurance providers, carecredit and have affordable, convenient cash plans available. Questions? Check out our Insurance 101 blog post for more information.


How much will each appointment cost me?

Your investment each appointment will vary depending on your insurance carrier and level of coverage. Check out our Insurance 101 blog post for more information.


Can you help me with my injury?

Yes. We build customized treatment plans tailored to your needs, and have a broad range of tools to treat any injury.


How long is each appointment?

Your first appointment is 1 hour. Subsequent appointments are between 45-50 minutes.


Will I receive treatment at my first visit, not just an assessment?

Yes. On your first visit, you’ll meet with your Doctor for an assessment. You’ll then receive treatment from your Doc, and meet with a Rehab Specialist to begin your custom rehab plan.


Will I see both a Doc and Rehab Specialist each visit?

Yes. Treatment varies by your needs, but each visit will include both treatment with a Doctor and rehab with one of our Specialists.


Does all treatment center around chiropractic? Must I get chiropractic adjustments?

Nope. While all our Docs are certified Doctors of Chiropractic, that’s just one of the tools in our toolkit. Your care program will be a blend of multiple methods and techniques, and you’ll always be in control of the treatment you receive.


Will you email me my rehab plan with all my exercises?

Yes. After your first visit you will receive an email with your custom rehab program to compliment your Doctor's treatment. The email will include videos to help guide you through your exercises at home.


Do I need a referral?

In most cases a referral is not required, and we’ll always be sure to check for you. We are always excited to help new people get relief from pain. If you were referred to us, we’d love to know who we should thank.


I want to get started. What are the next steps?

Great! Please make an appointment. We look forward to working with you to help change your story.