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Actively restoring proper functional movement is key to reducing pain and preventing it from coming back.

Here at Kinetic Sport Rehab, we custom build you a rehabilitative performance exercise plan, then take you, step by step, through it so you know exactly what to do and why! It is our commitment to offer the best functional rehabilitation in Seattle that really sets us apart from the other clinics in the area. Our team of functional rehab specialists, along with our doctors, are dedicated to challenging you to move better, feel better, and achieve a life free of limitations!

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Functional Rehabilitation - Ankles
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Once we discover what is causing your pain, we deploy state of the art manual therapysports chiropractic care (only when needed), cupping and kinesiology taping to help get you out of pain as quickly as possible. In addition, we develop a customized physical rehabilitation program designed to get you back to moving the way your were meant to.

Do you want to run, sit for long periods of time or play with or crawl around with your children without pain? Then it's imperative to compliment treatment with hyper-focused exercises to restore mobility, stability and strength in key areas to get you back to a life free of limitations. We make sure your physical capacity matches your goals and we do it by educating and delivering a fun experience every step of the way.

We are one of the few places in Seattle offering functional rehabilitation in conjunction with chiropractic care and soft tissue treatment. For more information on functional rehabilitation and functional movement screens, click on the links below.

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