The holidays are here and the big day is right around the corner. We were talking about gifts and what we're getting for whom around the clinics and how sometimes, it can be tough! So, we decided to put together a little list to help you out. All the items we picked promote an active and healthy lifestyle so you have the added benefit of knowing you're helping that special someone get fit and healthier in the new year! Also, most items are available on Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping)!! Enjoy!

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“'Tis the season for the for the temp greens, soggy fairway's and slippery grips (folla la la la... la la la). If you love Golf as much as I do, then you would agree that it is a sport that should be enjoyed year around. However, Golf is hard to enjoy in a rainy and cold month like December; when you are constantly drying off your grips, shivering in your knickers and having to make a 8AM Tee Time just to get 18 holes in before dark. For me, the solution is to stay home and make a Tee Time in the back yard. This is the time of year that I set up my driving net and groove my swing by hitting as many balls as I want, for as long as I want. This Ajillis Driving Net is weather resistant, and comes with a chipping net and a high-quality artificial grass surface. Right now on Amazon the price has been reduced from $130 to $94. Time to save some green on your green-fees and Tee-Up in the backyard until Spring. Happy Holidays everyone!” - Sean Masters, Director of Rehab

$94 on Amazon


Great Reads for CrossFitters and Weightlifters

“A must have for athletes that do a lot of barbell workouts is Starting Strength by Mark Rippitoe. I know a lot of people out there recommend a popular best seller by Kelly Starrett - Becoming a Supple Leopard. However, Starting Strength is a book that goes into every detail from foot position, wrist position, hand position and barbell position as well as explaining the why. The lifts covered include: squats, deadlifts, overhead pressing, bench press and power cleans. And did I mention it has great pictures and diagrams?? The best treatment for pain is prevention through education. Educate yo-self! Also, at $10 for the kindle version it's a no-brainer. Safe lifting!” - Dr. Paul Molina

Starting Strength by Mark Rippitoe

$10 for the Kindle version, $22 for paperback on Amazon

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Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett

$35 on Amazon

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Samsung Earbuds

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“I like these little guys because Apple earbuds don't stay put for lots of folks! These have a flexible fit that withstands the motion of running, or grabbing life the by the horns and #WINNNING, tomato tomato. Won't break the bank.” - Alyson Dorfman, COO

$6 on Amazon


Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

 Hydro Flask's Standard Mouth 21oz Bottle

Hydro Flask's Standard Mouth 21oz Bottle

“These insulated water bottles are aaaaawwwesome! I can't say enough about them! They do a great job in keeping hot liquids steamy, cold liquids chilly, and room temp things exactly just that way. They are super lightweight bottles and are great for hikes up Mount Si, keeping you hydrated during hot yoga at Modo, and can do much more than just get you through the long hours at Interbay golf course and through extended road trips. The best part about them is that they don't sweat so your gym bags, purses and desks will remain dry all the time! Who can complain with so many possibilities?! By the way, I bought 3 more a week after receiving my first. Without a doubt is my new best friend. xD” - Kathy Le, Front Desk Manager

$25 on Amazon


Cotopaxi Packs

 Cotopaxi's "Cusco" pack. Image courtesy of Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi's "Cusco" pack. Image courtesy of Cotopaxi

“I’m pretty tough on my gear, and I’m especially tough on my daily-use backpacks. It’s probably abused more than my backpacking-backpack! Cotopaxi packs (yup, any of em!) are awesome because they’re durable - they have a “Human Lifespan Guarantee”, there’s a humanitarian component - they contribute to a humanitarian cause every time a pack is purchased, they’re reasonably priced - they sell directly to you which cuts out the middle-man, and they have style - I’m a stickler for highly functional gear that is also stylish (which needs to happen A LOT more!). I’d recommend the Volta (my pack), but at 35L, it’s too big for most. So, go with the Luzon (18L) if you need something small and convenient, with the Kilimanjaro (20L) or Cusco (26L) if you like the classic look, or the Inca (26L) if you like a more “technical” look and feature set. Then go out and actually use it!!  :) “ - Nate Dietz, Marketing


The Original Backnnobber II

by The Pressure Positive Company

“My choice is the backnobber! I love this so much because the "s" shape allows me to easily reach all sore spots and apply the right amount of pressure to work any painful trigger points. Its fantastic.  :-) “ - Diane Colley, Billing

More info on the Backnobber II

$32 on Amazon


 Work at a desk? You need one of these.

Work at a desk? You need one of these.


The Lumo Lift

by Lumo Body Tech

“They say 'sitting is the next smoking'.  We just weren't designed to sit all day at a desk. Besides looking bad, poor posture contributes to pain, and a whole host of health problems. Along comes a wearable thin piece of technology that attaches to your clotting with a tiny magnetic clasp.  Thru vibration, it coaches you to sit and stand tall.  It also acts like a "fit bit" and tracks your physical activity.  The device syncs wirelessly to your phone, tablet or computer.  Awareness is everything, and this device is a step in the right direction!” - Dr. Mike Bourbonnais, CEO

$100 on Amazon


Pilates “Ultra-Fit” Magic Circle

by Balanced Body

"No, this is no thighmaster - it's a Pilates Magic Circle! This tool can be found at almost every Pilates studio in town. Unlike most Pilates equipment, the Ultra-Fit Magic Circle by Balanced Body is actually affordable. I love having it at home to add some pizzazz to my exercises. It can be used for toning the arms and legs but my favorite is to incorporate it with core exercises and cuing up scapular stabilizers. I'm constantly finding new ways to incorporate this tool into my workouts at the studio and at home. It's a blast to get creative with it, the possibilities are endless!" - Geneva Bender, Rehab Specialist

More info on the Ultra-Fit Magic Circle

$34 on Amazon


The GRID Foam Roller

by Trigger Point Therapy

We like this handy piece of equipment because it small, lightweight, and hollow which makes it easy to pack and bring on a trip or to the gym. Plus, it's firmer than a traditional foam roller which allows you to really work those deep knots! Oooo, hurts so good! - The Team

More info on the GRID Foam Roller

$38 on Amazon


Demon KettleBells & TRX Suspension Trainer

“For all the movement buffs out there, a kettlebell and a TRX Suspension Trainer is more than enough to get a squirrely workout in. These are two of my favorite tools for a quick, powerful session. You can be as creative as you want to, drive home patterns, and test your skill. Just two tools and you almost have a complete gym at home (calm down CrossFitters, I said almost). I’ll take the TRX on a run and set it up outside. The Demon Bells...they just look cool.” - Dr. Mike Smith


Demon Kettlebells



TRX Suspension Trainer

$300 on Amazon for the Tactical Kit


Vitamix Blender

“‘Will it blend?’ Many people ask this question of a variety of items, and the answer with this fantastic little machine is…Yes. Yes it will.

After receiving a Vitamix for Christmas in 2012, my wife and I have completely changed the way we eat. We are able to blend soups from raw veggies, can make smoothies with whole fruit (remember to take out the apple seeds!), and use it as a food processing for ice creams and sorbets; we even have made our own peanut butter!

With a huge engine, the Vitamix blasts through everything from flax seeds to halved apples. It is a multipurpose tool that will change the way you look at food. I highly recommend this powerful beauty if speed, power, and flexibility are things you care about!" - Dr. Steven Kaiser

$379 on Amazon