sports therapy techniques & methods

Our team of chiropractors and rehab specialists blend multiple techniques to create personalized care and rehab plans. Your care plan is tailored to your unique situation using these foundational elements:


Referred to as the gold standard of soft tissue treatment,  A.R.T. is widely used by elite teams/athletes and focuses on breaking up scar tissue as well as increasing muscle movement and range of motion.

Graston Technique Seattle

The Graston Technique is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization therapy used at top manual therapy and sports chiropractic clinics. Specialized tools are used to break up fascia and adhesions.

Functional Rehabilitation Button - Orange

Actively restoring proper functional movement is key to reducing pain and preventing it from coming back. We custom build you a rehabilitative performance exercise plan, then take you, step by step, through them so you know exactly what to do and why.

Chiropractic Care Seattle

Chiropractic care consists of manual manipulation of the joints, mainly the spine, in order to realign the spinal column which has a direct influence on nerves, muscles, and organs.

Kinesio Taping Seattle

If you've never been taped up, you're missing out. Kinesio tape is great for injury rehabilitation as it increases blood flow and supports (or isolates muscles) without affecting range of motion and flexibility!