What Is IT (iliotibial) Band Syndrome?

IT band syndrome, also known as ‘Runner’s Knee’, is an inflammation and irritation of the thick band of fascia called the iliotibial band that runs along the outer thigh, from the hip to the knee.

Symptoms are caused by repetitive impingement, friction and compression of the IT band due to poor lower body mechanics during the gait cycle, while walking, running, hiking or even cycling. Instability at the ankle and hip joints can also have a great effect on the tension of the IT band and perpetuate symptoms.

Signs & Symptoms of IT Band Syndrome

Initially, a feeling of stinging sensations on the outside of the knee is most common. Pain can become more severe and progress to noticing it with every step you take. Sometimes swelling is present during the initial phase of injury.

Walking, running, going up or down stairs, squatting, and any other exercise that involves repetitive flexion and extension of the knee can be painful and difficult.

IT Band Syndrome Treatment at Kinetic

We see issue with the iliotibial (IT) band all the time at Kinetic and we get excellent results that will get you out of pain fast by combining both soft tissue treatment to relieve pain/improve mobility in the area, and active rehab to correct movement disfunction and prevent future injuries.

We use Active Release Techniques and Graston therapy to the tissues surrounding the IT band, and make sure the IT band is healing properly to ensure you are getting out of pain as quickly as possible.

 IT band treatment using Active Release Techniques

IT band treatment using Active Release Techniques

How Can Kinetic Help My IT Band Syndrome?

At Kinetic we work hard to figure out what caused that problem. We’ll take you through an extensive movement assessment to take a look at your hip, knee, and ankle mechanics. From your assessment, we develop an active rehab program so you can get back to your activity and moving smarter than before.

Is the Rock-n-Roll Marathon on your checklist? Is hiking Mt. Si killing your knee? We can help you change your story!

If you think you need IT band syndrome treatment, or are experiencing any type of knee pain, we’d be happy to see you at any of our clinics. You can schedule an appointment online or call the location most convenient for you!