EP_006: Tyler James Wall of Mov Within

Welcome back! This is another special episode because today, our Rehab rockstar and Mindset master, Tyler James Wall will be taking you through part one of his mindfulness series titled,  Mov Within. If you are driving or working out, do yourself a favor and save this podcast for when you get home or when you are in an environment that is quiet and allows you to tap into self awareness. Trust me, this series is powerful and should be practiced often. Want to improve your sleep quality, mindset and even identify where you might be holding tension? This is the episode for you.


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Instagram: Tyler James Wall

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EP_005: Josh Henkin of Ultimate Sandbag Training

Welcome back to Kinetic Life. On this episode we are joined by Josh Henkin, the creator and CEO of Ultimate Sandbag Training. He is also the creator of  Dynamic Variable Resistance Training. Josh has developed the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion Fitness Preparation Program and he is a consultant to professional and collegiate sport programs. Josh and I had a great discussion via Skpe. So much so that the conversation went a little long that I had to edit out the introduction so it could be uploaded. Therefore, we are jumping right into the good stuff.



On this episode, Josh and I discuss:

  • How Josh became the creator and CEO of Ultimate Sandbag Training

  • How he got introduced to fitness

  • How he developed his business mindset and philosophy

  • Advice he would give to young entrepreneurs in fitness

  • How he stays motivated and what the future looks like for Ultimate Sandbag


How to Find Josh:

Instagram: Ultimate Sandbag Training

Facebook: DVRT: Ultimate Sandbag Training

Online: Ultimate Sandbag Training


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EP_004: Sally Bergesen of Oiselle

Welcome back to Kinetic Life. This is a special episode because today, our Chief Strategy Office,  Christine McHugh, is stepping up to mic as our guest host.  Christine started her career as a barista with Starbucks when she was 19 and there were only 37 locations worldwide and grew to Vice President Customer Service and Operations Services during her illustrious 27 year career with the world’s leading coffee retailer.

On this episode, Christine is talking with Sally Bergesen, the owner and CEO of Oiselle. A woman’s running apparel company based in Seattle, Washington. A company that is for woman and by woman, Oiselle believes in the transformative power of sport and celebrating the sense of freedom. If you are an entrepreneur or running enthusiast, you’re not going to want to miss this conversation.

In this episode, Christine and Sally discuss:

  • A reflection back on the last 10 years of Oiselle

  • The coming together of two passions

  • Finding the right time to leave your job and go all in on your new venture.

  • Working through pain points as your company grows

  • The mission of the “Bra’s for Girls” program

  • What running means to Sally?

  • Advice to new runners

  • What the future holds for Oiselle

How To find Sally:

Instagram: Sally Bergesen

Instagram: Oiselle

Online: Oiselle

Giving Back: Bras For Girls



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EP_003: Kevin Carr of Movement As Medicine

On this episode, I am joined by Kevin Carr. He is the General Manager at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn, Massachusetts, as well as the founder of Certified Functional Strength Coach and Movement as Medicine. Kevin is an international presenter and educator of coaches, trainers and athletes on Mike Boyle Strength and CFSC.

During this episode, we discuss:

  • Positioning yourself to make the most impact for your clients

  • The power of mentorships as a business owner

  • Taking advantage of every opportunity, big or small.

  • The process of public speaking proficiency


How to find Kevin:

Instagram: MovementAsMedicine

Online: Movement As Medicine / Certified Functional Strength Coach

YouTube: Certified Functional Strength Coach / Movement As Medicine

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