Ep_001: Ryan DeBell of The Movement Fix

Born and raised near Seattle, Washington - Ryan is a sports chiropractor who has grown his business and brand in an unconventional way. He launched Pacific Sport and Spine and 2013 as a brick and mortar practice that quickly evolved into an online and live workshop based model under the name, “The Movement Fix”. Using social media and clever marketing, Ryan has rapid growth over the last few years and he has no plans on slowing down. Here is Ryan’s story…

In This Episode, We Discuss:

  • Ryan’s story
  • Ideas vs execution
  • Utilizing your resources  
  • How impractical a ‘5 Year Plan’ is in 2017
  • Developing and evolving your social media strategy


Ryan’s Reading List:


How to Find Ryan:


Ping Pong Results:

  • Kinetic Sports Rehab: 3 Wins /  The Movement Fix: 1 Win