EP_005: Josh Henkin of Ultimate Sandbag Training

Welcome back to Kinetic Life. On this episode we are joined by Josh Henkin, the creator and CEO of Ultimate Sandbag Training. He is also the creator of  Dynamic Variable Resistance Training. Josh has developed the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion Fitness Preparation Program and he is a consultant to professional and collegiate sport programs. Josh and I had a great discussion via Skpe. So much so that the conversation went a little long that I had to edit out the introduction so it could be uploaded. Therefore, we are jumping right into the good stuff.



On this episode, Josh and I discuss:

  • How Josh became the creator and CEO of Ultimate Sandbag Training

  • How he got introduced to fitness

  • How he developed his business mindset and philosophy

  • Advice he would give to young entrepreneurs in fitness

  • How he stays motivated and what the future looks like for Ultimate Sandbag


How to Find Josh:

Instagram: Ultimate Sandbag Training

Facebook: DVRT: Ultimate Sandbag Training

Online: Ultimate Sandbag Training


Josh’s Reading List: