EP_008: Evan Arbour of Soul Cycle

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

On this episode we have Evan Arbour, senior instructor of Soul Cycle in Bellevue, Washington. Born and raised in Main, Evan moved to New York City to eventually join the Soul Cycle team. Fast forward two years later, Evan was presented with the opportunity to move Seattle to help launch Soul Cycles first location in the Pacific Northwest.

He is one of the most genuine, caring and authentic people I know and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on as a guest.

On this episode, we discussed:

  • His journey from New York to Seattle

  • How he stays true to his values and authentic self

  • How he’s using social media to share his story

  • Advice he would give to young professionals

  • Where he sees himself a year from now

How to find Evan:


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