EP_011: Vishal Patel of Nuun Hydration

What’s up Kinetic nation! Welcome back to episode eleven. Leading this conversation, we have Christine McHugh. She is joined by Vishal Patel. Nicknamed the Professor of Electrolytes, Vishal is the in-house nutritionist for Seattle based, Nuun Hydration, and focuses his efforts on product innovation and educational content. Like our episode with Loka, this conversation for all the runners and endurance athletes. So laces up your shoes, put in your headphones and enjoy this episode during a long run.


On this episode, Christine and Vishal discussed:

  • The biggest gamble Vishal made in pursuit of his passion

  • His principles of nutrition

  • The role hydration has in activity and competition

  • Best post workout and recovery strategies for men and women

  • Vishal’s thoughts on fasted training

  • The concept of hyper-hydration

  • What a nutrition expert eats everyday and his thoughts on prebiotics



How To Vishal and Nuun







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