What Is Knee Bursitis?

Knee bursitis is inflammation of a bursa located near your knee joint. A bursa is a small fluid-filled, pad-like sac that reduces friction and cushions pressure points between your bones and the tendons and muscles near your joints.

Knee bursitis can occur from a blow to the knee, but most cases of knee bursitis result from repetitive strain of the muscles around the bursa - this can happen if you have poor movements when walking, running, squatting, hiking or any type of loading knee bending.

Signs & Symptoms Of Knee Bursitis

You may notice swelling and inflammation around the knee. Redness and heat may also be present. Stiffness and discomfort is present around the knee cap, and commonly on the medial (inner) knee or behind the knee.

Knee Bursitis Treatment at Kinetic

We see people with knee bursitis symptoms frequently at Kinetic, and we get excellent results that get you out of pain fast by combining both active rehab and soft tissue treatment.

Working on tissue around the knee using Active Release Techniques and Graston therapy we make sure the knee is healing properly and you are getting out of pain as quickly as possible.


How Can Kinetic Help My Knee Bursitis?

At Kinetic we don't just focus on the obvious symptom. We look for dysfunction up the chain to see what caused the initial problem. We'll take you through an extensive movement assessment to take a look at your body mechanics and to make sure that once you get out of pain, you stay out of pain. From your assessment, we'll develop an active rehab program so you are able to get back out there and do what you love. 

Wanna run around Green Lake? Squat 300 pounds? Just be able to play with your kids without pain? We can help you change your story.

If you think you have knee bursitis or any type of knee pain, we'd be happy to see you at any of our clinics. We have three locations in Seattle (Fremont, Green Lake and Interbay) and a clinic in Woodinville. You can schedule an appointment online or call the location most convenient for you!