What to Expect of Your Visits


We call it the "New Patient Appointment", fitting, right?? It consists of an hour long, one-on-one visit with your doctor. The doc will listen to your story - what brought you here, what/where you hurt - then perform a functional movement screen.

They'll then be able to connect the dots for you, helping you understand what you feel is going on and what is actually going on. We believe it's important for you to know the "why"!

After the movement screen, the doc will start with treatment right away, on that very same visit! They utilize a combination of several different techniques, depending on your individual circumstance. we don't believe in "cookie cutter" treatment. Your treatment plan will be your treatment plan.


This is your "First Rehab Appointment"; it's the first time you'll interact with our rehab specialists. First, though, you'll start the visit off with your doctor again, then head to the rehab floor. Please allow about an hour and fifteen/twenty minutes for this appointment. Why's it take longer? Because the rehab specialist is going to assess you, again, to ensure there's no disconnect between what you're saying, what the doctor is saying, and what the treatment plan prescribes. And, because they're going to walk you through each and every exercise, ensuring you understand why you're doing the exercise and what the proper form is in order to do the exercise correctly. We don't just tell you to do 10 squats and walk away. An informed patient is a happy patient. Plus, if you know the "why" you're enabled to take control of your own rehabilitation outside of the clinic environment. 


Visits after your New Patient Appointment and your First Rehab Appointment are split between time with your doc and time with the rehab team. You'll feel more like you're going to a massage/manual therapy/personal training session rather than a physical rehabilitation appointment. It's active, it's encouraging, it's vibrant, and, dare we say, it's fun! Remember, our goal is to help you change your story by being Kinetic - both inside and outside of the clinic - in order to get your past average and on to awesome!