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Whether you're a trail runner, marathon runner, weekend warrior or even just find yourself on a treadmill at an Orange Theory class or doing sprints during your WOD - runner's knee can affect you. We see running injuries, especially runner's knee, at Kinetic and can not only help you get out of pain from runner's knee, but we can help correct your movement to avoid running injuries in the future!

Below is some info on runners knee, but chances are, if you're on this page, you've already done the research. So, what's stopping you from coming in? Schedule an appointment with us so you can get back out there doing what you love!

What Is Runner's knee?

Also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), Runner's Knee is a condition that can result from overuse, muscular imbalances, and even dysfunction in the ankle, knee or hip. The site of pain with Runner's Knee is commonly felt behind, above or even around the knee cap.

Signs and Symptoms of RUNNER'S KNEE

Patients that suffer from Runner's Knee commonly report pain with bending of the knee during activities like running, squatting, walking or trying to navigate the stairs. Popping or a "grinding" sensation are also reported by our patients.

RUNNER'S KNEE Treatment At Kinetic

runners knee treatment and knee injury treatment

We see patients who come to us with Plantar Fasciitis symptoms frequently at Kinetic and we get excellent results by combining state of the art functional rehabilitation with soft-tissue treatment. Utilizing gold standard therapies such as Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), kinesiology taping, and instrument assisted therapy, we make sure your issue is treated properly and you are getting out of pain as quickly as possible.

How Can Kinetic Help My RUNNER'S KNEE?

At Kinetic we don't just focus on the obvious symptoms. We look for dysfunctions up and down the chain to see what caused the initial problem. We will take you through an extensive movement assessment to look at your body mechanics and to make sure that once you get out of pain, you stay out of pain. From your assessment, we will develop an active functional rehab program so you are able to get back out there and do what you love. Do you want to run a 5K or do the Seattle Marathon, squat heavy or just play with your child without pain? We can help you change your story.