Sciatica can be a pain in the butt! Literally. If you've experienced this pain or are currently dealing with it, you know how painful and functionally debilitating it can be, especially the effect it can have on your quality of life. Patients come to us every week with this aliment in hopes that we can help them Change Their Story and get them back to a life free of limitations. With our Team and our unique approach to treatment, we are fortunate to say we have been successful in diagnosing and treating this agonizing injury.

So, What Is Sciatica?

Also known as Sciatic Neuralgia, Sciatica commonly stems from compression of one of the five nerve outlets of the spine. Compression can range from L4- SI, which can result in localized pain around the lower back, down into the glute region, thigh or even lower leg. The compression of the nerve typically comes from the disc that sits between the vertebra. When injured, the jelly-like center of the disc (nucleus) can protrude and put pressure on the nerve that can cause a burning, tingling or a numbness sensation. Sitting and even moving incorrectly can result in a exacerbation of symptoms and therefore hinder your ability to recover.

Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica

Signs of Sciatica can occur suddenly. Patients may generally feel weakness, numbness or even burning down the leg. This burning or tingling sensation is commonly described as "pins and needles." Other symptoms could include not being able to extend the knee or bend the spine forward while in a seated position, or even pain doing involuntary actions like sneezing or coughing!

What’s important to discern in addressing Sciatica-like symptoms is whether or not the entrapment is coming from one of the spinal nerve roots or from a gluteal muscle called the piriformis. Entrapment of the big sciatic nerve from a spasmed or tight piriformis muscle is a neuromuscular condition known as Piriformis Muscle Syndrome (PMS) and can result in severe gluteal pain and refer burning, tingling or numbness down the leg.

How Can Kinetic Help My sciatica? - Sciatica Treatment At Kinetic

We exist for one reason: to ‘Change Your Story’. In order to do that, we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to your care. When you make an appointment at Kinetic, we will take you through a comprehensive and full exam ranging from neuromuscular and orthopedic testing to accessing your global movement patterns. Once we discover what is causing your pain, we deploy state of the art manual therapy, sports chiropractic care (only when needed), cupping and kinesiology taping to help get you out of pain as quickly as possible. In addition, we develop a customized physical rehabilitation program designed to get you back to moving the way your were meant to.

Do you want to run, sit for long periods of time or play with or crawl around with your children without pain? Then it's imperative to compliment treatment with hyper-focused exercises to restore mobility, stability and strength in key areas to get you back to a life free of limitations. We make sure your physical capacity matches your goals and we do it by educating and delivering a fun experience every step of the way.

Kinetic is on your team! If you are experiencing Sciatica or Piriformis Muscle Syndrome type symptoms, then don’t tolerate pain and discomfort any longer. We have three locations in the greater Seattle area, have received 100+ five star reviews and take a highly-skilled team approach to our care. We look forward to helping you ‘Change Your Story’.