When seeking care, there are several options out there. So, what sets us apart? Why choose us? 

The Kinetic Way is our unique process. It's the whole package experienced by each and everyone of one of patients. We'll break it down for you here:

An Experience Like No Other

We believe that a world-class experience shouldn’t begin when the doctor's ready to see you. At Kinetic Sports Rehab, you'll feel important and valued the moment you walk through the door because to us, you're a celebrity. Whether it’s your first visit or your graduation (last) visit, you can expect the most uplifting welcome, a high energy, fun experience, and a fond farewell every time you come into Kinetic Sports Rehab.

Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen -- not in a premier sports rehab clinic. Every body is different and at Kinetic Sports Rehab, we take great pride in customizing a plan of attack to meet your individual issue. We listen to you, we thoroughly understand your goals, and we customize a plan just for you to help you not only reach your goals, but surpass them. Whether your objective is to alleviate your shoulder pain or to improve your back squat, we promise to take the time to develop the best plan for you. You deserve it.


Connecting Through Transparent Communication

From our billing practices, to our process and communication, Kinetic Sports Rehab operates on the foundation of transparency. Our mission is to exceed your expectations in all departments of our clinic, and the most fundamental way we know how to do that is to be clear, transparent, and always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Empowerment Through Education

We cannot change what we don't understand. Education is power and at Kinetic Sports Rehab, we are committed to helping you thoroughly understand the factors contributing to your pain or performance plateaus. From the comprehensive exam with your Doctor, to your movement screening with our team of Rehab Specialists, we have one simple goal: to educate you to the point that you are a master in your own body mechanics.

Our patients come to us from all over Washington because they do not want to get to the point where discussion of more invasive treatment begins. Our mission is to help you understand that most soft tissue injuries are either caused by poor movement or exacerbated because of it. Our job is to show you that properly changing your movement patterns is the best medicine, and to help you understand that you have the ability and tools to take control and fix your injury.


Dynamic Team Approach

We've got you covered from the moment you walk in the door. At Kinetic Sports Rehab, our best tool to help you overcome your pain is the knowledge, skills, and attentiveness of an ALL-STAR team. From our industry-leading doctors, to our preeminent Rehab Specialists, Massage Therapists and support team, we band our knowledge together to give you the best care Seattle has to offer.