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The Kinetic Team is stoked to roll out "Kinetic TUNE-Ups (pun definitely intended) at TUNE HQ. What the heck are "Kinetic TUNE-Ups", you ask?

Well, ever feel any of the following?:

  • Neck pain?

  • Back pain?

  • Shoulder pain?

  • Wrist or elbow pain?

  • Foot or knee pain?

  • ANY  of the pains?

  • How about just general soreness or stiffness?

Whether you answered yes or no, think of Kinetic TUNE-Ups as preventative maintenance or also as a chance to consult with a doctor about any of those aches and pains, but instead of having to come to us - we come to you!

A Kinetic doctor will be at TUNE HQ in the "Neptune" room, every other Tuesday from 1:30p - 3:30p beginning Tuesday, December 6th.


  1. If you haven't visited one of our clinics before, please fill out our online New Patient Intake Form. (You'll only have to do this once!)
  2. Select the appointment that matches your insurance plan type:
    1. HSA - First Visit if it's your first; Follow-Up Visit for everything after.
    2. PPO - If you have the PPO plan.
    3. Other Insurance - If you're not insured with TUNE, we can still treat you! We'll just have to verify your insurance.
  3. Select day/time that works best for you.

That's it! Don't forget to bring your insurance card and arrive 5 minutes early to the "Neptune" room which is located by the front desk in 2200 on the day of your TUNE-Up!


*By scheduling an appointment, it is understood that services will be billed to insurance and regardless of the insurance coverage, the person receiving the services will ultimately be responsible for account payment. 

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