WHY choose Kinetic Sports Rehab?

Using modern therapy and sports therapy methods like ART or Graston does not make Kinetic Sports Rehab unique. What really makes us different from traditional manual therapy is how we use those techniques and treatments to help YOU. From the way you feel when you're at the clinic to the way our team interacts and treats you, we want you to have an exceptional experience. Simply put, we're different from anything you've ever experienced before. We like to call our unique process "The Kinetic Way".

The Kinetic Way


Red carpet aside, we strive to make sure each of our patients get a celebrity experience. 5-stars is lame; we go for 6. Boring is never a word used to describe us; we are fun, active, energetic, and definitely not ordinary. Your experience is our priority.

We'll know you so well it'll almost feel like we've been stalking you. How do we do that? We actually listen to you - what's hurting, your story, what brought you to us, and where you want to go.

Has it been awhile since you've impressed your friends? We make it a point to make sure you understand the "Why" behind every movement we prescribe. We don't just tell you to do an exercise and walk away.

You'll have more coverage than AT&T and Verizon combined. From our front desk and billing department, to our docs, massage therapists and sports chiropractors, we make sure your experience with us is smooth and stress free.